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Our Commitment

Doing well by doing good

Our Commitment to Community

Our commitment is to make a meaningful difference in our communities. We continuously work to use our resources, talents, and knowledge to help better the quality of life in the communities we work and live in. Our dedication is to help everyone reach their full potential, therefore we have focused our efforts on helping the youth in our communities through various local organizations. We support those that align with our core values and the interests of our employees. We are also proud to help with hurricane relief efforts when the call is needed. 


Integrity is the foundation that Sawcross was founded on.  We continue to aspire to hit the ambitious standards that we set as a company in all aspects of our work. Holding strong standards is a necessary element that helps guide us in our continued success. Each individual decision is made, and each action taken, shapes how our piers view us.  By working together, we can achieve remarkable success in doing the right thing.  At Sawcross, we strive to continue to act honorably, and treat everyone with the courtesy and respect they deserve. 

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

At Sawcross, we are on a mission to grow an environment that embraces diversity, equality, and inclusion (DE&I), where all employees and stakeholders can fulfill their potential regardless of their ethnicity, background, disabilities, orientation, or gender. 

Sawcross DE&I framework:  

  • Embrace an inclusive culture.  

  • Recruit, develop and retain talent.  

  • Enhance employee experience.  

  • Improve social progress and impact.  


At Sawcross we:  

  • Respect diversity, equity, and inclusion at all levels of our organization 

  • Embrace ‘listening and learning’ as a positive, progressive philosophy.  

  • Build an inclusive organization representative of the communities in which we operate.  

  • Enrich our employees by providing training, development, and education opportunities.  


We demonstrate our commitment to DE&I by:  

  • Promoting continuous, transparent dialog at all levels.  

  • Monitoring and benchmarking our DE&I program against identified goals.  

  • Reporting on our DE&I progress.  


Sawcross continuously reviews our DE&I framework to ensure we are achieving our objectives.  

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