Pre-Construction Services

Early on in the preconstruction phase, we establish ourselves as an integral part of your team to leverage the full benefit of our expertise.  We work closely to define project parameters such as cost and schedule to help identify and plan for construction issues that may place project objectives at risk.   By thoroughly evaluating a number of factors during this important step, we are able to provide proactive assistance that promotes the greatest possible final outcome.


Using an integrated delivery approach, Sawcross has a successful track record of completing economically design-build development projects.  Understanding our customer’s vision and conveying those expectations through the design and construction process assists in positive results.  Design and Construction Services are under one contract with cost and schedule controlled by one entity, which is beneficial for fast-track projects.  With open dialogue about costs, constructability and problem resolution, our process provides for significant opportunities for innovation, flexibility and creativity. 

Bid Build Services

This is the most common project delivery system. The architect or engineer role is to design the project, prepare the specifications and drawings and assist in administering the contract from inception to completion.  The system assures the owner of having a fully qualified contractor while also receiving the best price through the competitive bid process. To further support the success of every project, Sawcross carefully selects only high quality subcontractors and specified manufactures for all of its Design-Bid-Build jobs. To help execute these projects, Sawcross relies on the high level of skills and extensive amount of experience of our estimating and preconstruction personnel. Sawcross has consistently leveraged its experience and technology to deliver successful design-bid-build projects for all of our clients and will continue to do so in the future.